PDF Forms – Rounding Numbers

A.G. Pate

When I’m marking assignments or examinations, I have a PDF form which uses Javascript to calculate the final grade.

I input the grades for the various sections of the paper (usually 3 sections) using a drop down menu and it calculates the final grade. Each drop down menu contains the grade letter and number which corresponds to the University’s 22-point scale:

A1=22; A2=21; A3=20; A4=19; A5=18;
B1=17; B2=16;B3=15;
C1=14; C2=13; C3=12;
D1=11; D2=10; D3=9;
E1=8; E2=7; E3=6;
F1=5; F2=4; F3=3;
G1=2; G2=1;

So if I have a student who gets an A1, A2 and a D3 (22, 21 and 9 respectively) for the 3 sections, the calculation is

Section1Grade + Section2Grade + Section3Grade/3

This would give a total of 17. The form then shows the final grade by looking up a table which links the number (17) to the grade (B1).

The problem, I found out, is that although…

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