TodaysMeet – An Evaluation After Two Weeks

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been using TodaysMeet with my undergraduate students. I’ve been reminding them that they don’t need to write down everything they read on the presentation slides and that, instead, they may get more out of the class by listening, reflecting, questioning and tweeting.

This is challenging and it flies in the face of many years of conditioning to ‘take notes’. And although I’ve been pushing the idea that tweeting is the same thing only in a different format, I can appreciate it isn’t easy to make that leap of faith.

There has been progress, though. Today’s lecture was an introduction to Freud and Erikson and the backchat (i.e., the conversation in the todaysmeet channel demonstrated that students can notetake the main points, throw in some humour and link to other learning. And I, in turn, am learning to keep a better eye on the scrolling feed and to refer to the points more often which, in turn, encourages more tweets.

Here’s some examples of the conversation today.

  • The ego has a challenge to balance out selfishness AND conscience;
  • Electra conflict – desire for other-sex parents;
    (I interjected to clarify the difference between Oedipus and Electra complexes)
  • Rationalisation – that exam was so hard, nobody would have pass it anyway
    (This came up when I asked students to work in groups to think of an example for rationalisation)
  • Mia kellmer pringle [sic] also looked at psychosocial as a study on children;
    (An example of sharing their own knowledge base with others. I made no mention of MKP during my lecture.)
  • oscar the grouch is abducting a child
    (It took me a couple of seconds to figure this one out. It linked to the photo on my presentation – don’t ask – but it shows there were some funny quips in there too which got a chuckle)
  • But surely by the time you reach high school, yeah you are trying to fit in but you are who you are?
    (This was a good question which demonstrates they were thinking!)

In two weeks, these 1st year students are engaging in a way previous year groups never did. Now all I need to to is break the mindset that you must take notes in class. Or is that heretical? …


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