Becoming comfortable with trying new things

I’ve just had a 2-hour lecture/tutorial with my 2nd year class. They are a great bunch and they are very positive about engaging with technology. Today we were continuing to use TodaysMeet but we were also looking at other ways to engage learners in their learning. I had the students creating various types of ‘graphic organisers’ (i.e., mind-maps, Venn diagrams, flow charts, etc.).

I knew I didn’t have time for each group to present their GOs to the rest of the class (and it wasn’t really the purpose of the exercise to discuss the final content; it was to do with the process rather than the final product). However, I wanted to give them a chance to see everyone’s work.

One of the students suggested taking photos of their GOs, which they had created on flipchart paper, and posting the link onto TodaysMeet. Great idea! Except we needed to find a way to get the photos onto the internet first – somewhere a bit more secure than a public site.

The students emailed me their photos and I moved them to a newly-created Dropbox folder. I then shared the URL to the folder, putting it on TodaysMeet.

Not the most elegant of solutions but it did the trick. There must be a better way though. I’ll need to have a think about it. Any suggestions?

What impressed me was that the students were quite happy to just go with the flow, take photos, email them to me, etc. I’m happy to see they are becoming more comfortable trying new things. Good. I’m happy.


2 thoughts on “Becoming comfortable with trying new things

    1. Moodle Forums would be a good idea if they all had laptops but it is particularly ‘fiddly’ if you’re on a smartphone. There isn’t a decent Moodle app out there (to my knowledge, anyway).

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