I’ve been having a very interesting conversation this evening, talking about flip teaching with some of my students. We’re trying a new way of teaching and learning and, so far, it seems to be quite a positive experience.

An interesting point was raised in the conversation which got me thinking. There was a comment that perhaps TodaysMeet could be used throughout the week for students to talk to each other about their learning because (and here’s the interesting part) the private forums which have been set up are considered too formal.

I have created a forum for each week of the course so students can go in and do exactly that—ask questions, talk to each other, etc. But the students aren’t using it (and, really, never have). And now I know why. They have an impression it’s too formal.

Fascinating (as Mr Spock would say).

Now is this because the forum is linked to our online Moodle learning environment? Would students use a forum more if it was, say, Facebook? Are they hesitant to use a system knowing their tutor(s) can read what they are writing? Or has the concept of bespoke university forums had their day and students would prefer to use a system they know (Facebook/Twitter/etc.)?

I think it’s going to be an interesting conversation next week when I see my students.

And it just goes to demonstrate what I’ve always said — I learn just as much from my students as they learn from me.


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