live-tweeting-history-gallery-660x433-130122-pictureI like TodaysMeet. It’s similar to Twitter in that you have a defined, limited number of characters in which to write whatever you want to write about. Unlike Twitter, you don’t need to have an account, you don’t need to worry about hashtags and the room is self-contained. In other words, unless you go to the specific room which has been created, you aren’t going to see any messages/tweets. It’s very good for conferences and, in my case, for classes.

Twitter, on the other hand, vomits out every single tweet to every single person who is following me. Sometimes this is a good thing but, often, it drives me nuts. Some of the people I follow tend to tweet when they are in meetings, lectures or conferences and I’m inundated with tweets that, to me, make absolutely no sense. And there are 250 of them. I tend to scroll right past them which is a shame, in a way. I just don’t have time to read them all and engage with them. Maybe once I retire …

To avoid all of my students’ Twitter followers from receiving a plethora of tweets, we use TodaysMeet. No problem there. Except …

The one thing Twitter does do is allow the user to see only his/her tweets. TodaysMeet doesn’t do this. Students who have been trying to take notes or to engage more with TodaysMeet have identified this as one potential problem. Some of them do want to take notes using TodaysMeet. Great! But they also want to be able to review their notes/comments without having to hunt for them in a forest of other people’s comments. Fair point.

So I need to find something which is a blend of both Twitter and TodaysMeet.

Any ideas anyone?


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