Hunting for MO

Usually I put this stuff on my general blog but I wanted to make sure the person I’m talking about reads it so I’m putting it here. Nothing at all to do with ICT and Education, I’m afraid. Please excuse my indulgence. 🙂

A.G. Pate

I admit it. I’m feeling rather pleased with myself. I shouldn’t—but I am. Why? Because I got a new follower today. Someone who looks remarkably like Mark Wahlberg and who lives in a town in “MO”.

Now this intrigued me. MO? So in my head I started running through what it could be. Monaco? Nope. Mexico? Also no. Morocco. Nuh-uh.

At this point, I could have just thrown the name into Google maps but what’s the fun in that?

So the next step was to think about states in the USA. Well, MI is Michigan (and I know that after living in Ontario for 20 years. Ah, Michigan. I love Frankenmüth! 🙂

Okay, reminiscing over … MO. Okay, let’s think of the states beginning with M. Missouri, Mississippi, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Maine, Montana, Michigan and Maryland. Well, that doesn’t help. None of them end in O. It’s got to be Montana. It’s only…

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