Nottingham Conference – A Reflection

I was privileged to be asked to attend an Apple event in Nottingham, focussing on how the iPad is being used (or could be used) an innovative ways in medicine.

Now, I must admit that aside from the fact my mother is a nurse and midwife, my medical knowledge is limited to what I’ve gleaned from St Elsewhere, ER and Scrubs. Take from that what you will. So you can probably appreciate my concern that I might end up being ‘outed’ as a fraud. It was too good an opportunity to miss, though, so off I went.

… and loved it.

There are two particular issues which stick in my head from the conference, beyond putting a face to some names and meeting some very nice people! First, a lot of the apps which were discussed (which didn’t focus specifically on medicine) are ones I’ve already experimented with. That was quite encouraging and I was able to make some (hopefully useful) comments during the session from a learning/teaching perspective. I sometimes forget that my interest in learning/teacing and the use of iPads puts me, to some extent, near the forefront. It was interesting to see others’ journeys and to support them by discussing my own understanding and experience using apps such as Nearpod and Join.Me and to be involved in helping them to move forward in their own learning journey.

The other aspect which interested me was listening to two medical students. Well, one just about to graduate and one who graduated last year. They talked about how they used iPads on many levels to support their own learning. It amused me somewhat that it was a bit of a revelation to them to use them with the patients. What interested me, though, was their attitude towards their own training. They were annoyed that there were attitudes amongst their trainers (uni staff/placement staff) which was very anti-technology/anti-tablet. What came across very clearly was this:

The question isn’t WHY should we use tablets; the question should be HOW should we use tablets (for training).

So, overall, a very good day in Nottingham. A big thank you to Colin (and Lawrence) for the invite and also to Oscar who was an excellent tutorial presenter. 🙂


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