Balancing work life and … work life

I was just asked why I’m not blogging more often (and not tweeting more often too). I started to feel guilty that I have been doing neither very consistently for a while and then realised that—wait a minute—I don’t need to feel guilty about it.

For while there is a growing pressure to be more ‘visible’ as an academic, I am visible … to my students. I have a responsibility to meet with them, engage them in their learning, prepare stimulating (I hope) inputs for them, mark their work and, basically, do the job I’m paid to do.

The blogging and tweeting (both writing and reading) is my professional way of sharing my ideas and learning from others—but it’s not the core of my job nor would I want it to be.

So, yes, I will apologise for not blogging/tweeting as often as I would like but I’m sure you will agree that it’s a difficult balance between supporting my students (which I love) and sharing my own learning and understanding (which I also love). 


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