Microsoft Word – Automatically renumbering a list

I have a list of over 100 questions which are numbered and I need to re-order them. Here’s a basic example.

Question 1
What is your name

Question 2
Where do you live

Question 3
What’s your favourite colour

If I want to change the order of these questions (by cutting and pasting), I’m also going to have to re-type all the numbers. Not fun. 

However, I can replace the numbers with an ‘insert number’ code so that when I re-arrange the questions, the numbers will automatically correct themselves into the correct order.

To do this, go to advanced find and replace.

Find: Question [0-9]{1,3}

Replace: Question ^c (This needs to be copy/pasted from text you’ve already created using ‘insert field’)

Find any digit from 0 to 9

Look for any number containing 1 to 3 digits


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