I’m in the beautiful city of Penang, speaking at the 6th annual CoSMED conference. 

My input will be discussing in pedagogies and methodologies to enhance student learning. Quite a bit about what I will be talking about mirrors or builds on what I have been (intermittently) writing about on this blog and my agpate.wordpress.com blog. 

These conferences are interesting not only because of the subject matter but also because there are opportunities to meet some extraordinary people who get me thinking and excited about learning new things. 

Yesterday, for example, I had an opportunity to meet with Amelia who is looking into how voting systems can be used here in Malaysia where children aren’t permitted to bring smartphones and some schools, particularly in rural areas, are unlikely to have a decent internet connection (if at all). So we had a great conversation and in sure we shall have many more. 

So I’m off to the next session. Check out my tweets at @agpate_conf. 


2 thoughts on “CoSMED – Penang, Malaysia

  1. It is a pity I could not attend the session and get more input. It was indeed a fruitful and enlightening meeting I had in Vistana with you and Dr Shirazi.

  2. Thanks, Amelia. It was, indeed, a very enlightening meeting in Vistana and I hope we’ll get a chance to share ideas, interests and research in the near future! — G

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